The Platinum Order

We don't have a life, we have lots of lives!

Guild Charter

Our guild resonates with one underlying definition, we are a group of friends, that, instead of meeting at the pool hall, or the softball field, the golf course, or the book club, we hang out in the digital world, in MMORPGs. Because we are friends, our guild charter, at its root, is very simple. Be a friend. Have a friend.

TPO is a full-featured guild with Ventrilo, scheduling calendar, discussion forums, and all the in-game perks you'd expect from a stable, established guild. Ideal candidates for our guild are laid-back, with a sense of humor, and are playing their mmo to relax and have a good time. We are not a hardcore progression guild, however we are composed of mostly mmo veterans, and take that skill set to our raiding endeavors. We tend to progress efficiently, while maintaining a moderate raid schedule. The ideal raiding mentality for this guild is one where the focus is not on being first in game to down a particular boss, but rather to down that boss with a smile on our faces and our real lives intact.

Guild History

The Platinum Order was founded in 2007 from the core of several guilds in Star Wars Galaxies who were eager to escape the legendary "new game experience" that devastated our guilds and our friends lists. We had our eyes on Vanguard- Saga of Heroes, and most of us managed to get into open beta, enjoyed the gameplay and the rich tapestry of art upon which our new digital lives could be built, and decided to found our new guild in Telon. TPO had years of fun in Vanguard, culminating in finishing the game's raid dungeon.

As Vanguard aged, and SoE's commitment to continued development of Telon ceased, we sought new worlds, and adventure in new lands.

The Platinum Order expanded into Rift in late February 2011. We enjoyed our time as an Alpha testing guild for the game. We had a lot of fun helping with the grooming process of the social features of the game during beta.

Now,  our Live chapter in Rift is an exciting mix of old friends from both SWG and VG, and new members we have met  while testing, and during live.  With Rift now approaching it's three-year mark, we are well into Raid progression. Our 20-man raids enjoy varied raiding targets with more dungeons ahead of us! Our 10-man raids hone our skills as every raider must bring their A-game to tackle that concentrated content.  Our horde raids pull everyone from level 50+ into an often giant raid that rampages across Telara! Our Rift chapter is vibrant, and enjoys the robust, energetic development pace that Trion puts forth.

Members of our Rift Chapter morphed from a Guardian guild into a guild with both Guardian and Defiant members with the launch of Rift's first big expansion, Storm Legion, in the fall of 2012. Our veteran members leveled to 60, explored the new dungeons and raids, and have had a lot of fun in special content like Hellbug rifts, and seasonal events. While some decorate their own dimensions, others enjoy PvP victories in the Conquests.

The Free-to-Play conversion of Rift brings many old friends back to Telara! It is exciting to welcome them back, while we also find new friends, some of whom discover the lands of Telara for the first time. It's a vibrant mix of old and new that keeps things interesting as we move into the future.

With our adventurous spirit, we have also ventured into other games. Through the years we've experienced Age of Conan, Aion, Star Trek Online, Tera, Guild Wars 2, and Star Wars Online, to name a few. The guild now has chapters in Rift and Defiance. We're keeping an eye on several upcoming titles, including Wildstar, Elder Scrolls Online, Black Desert, and Archeage.


The infamous streaking incident
Vanguard 2009

Tursin Krall Crawl
Aion 2009

The Platinum Order, what's it like?

  • A friendly, laid-back atmosphere
  • A drama-free environment
  • Humor and inside-jokes abound
  • A focus on having fun while on the journey of progression
  • A mature attitude about setbacks and conflict resolution
  • Teamwork, and resolve to pull together
  • Not so focused on "winning" that the game is lost to strife
  • Full appreciation of the beauty of Pie.. and Bacon

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