The Platinum Order

We don't have a life, we have lots of lives!

Our Worlds


Guild Chapter Name: The Platinum Order
Server: Faeblight
Leadership: Suga  
Officers: Shakesh, Jitani, Marquette, Livyn, Lamsai, Kilarny
Now accepting guild applications.


Anticipated launch- late 2013


Awaiting announcements regarding launch date in US.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Launching Spring 2014


Guild Chapter Name: The Empire's Secret Service [ESS]
Server: Ebon Hawk
This chapter is now dormant.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Chapter Name: Resurgam [RES]
Server: Fort Aspenwood
This chapter is inactive at this time.

Vanguard-Saga of Heroes

Shhhhhh... our Vanguard chapter is sleeping! Stay tuned to see if Smedley wakes it up.


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